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About Us

Born in the LA area Kiki was raised in the San Francisco Bay Area by two amazing parents that supported her love of the arts. At a young age, she showed a deep passion for music and the stage. She became a professional singer at a young age. Kiki has shared the stage with the likes of Mick Fleetwood and other amazing performers. She has even graced the stage at the famous Apollo Theater in New York City. But at age of 18, she steps away from the stage to pursue other opportunity's 

In 2015 Kiki desisted to take the stage once again only this time she was going to do things a little differently. She performed in her first Burlesque show in November of 2015 thanks to her friend and show producer of the Hubba Hubba Revue, King Fish. His weekly  Monday night show at DNA Lounge was the first time in a long time that she had performed. In February of 2016 while she was to work she was involved in a car accident. The result was serious nerve damage to her right arm as well as nerve damage to her right leg. After some healing, she determined that she was not going to stop her from doing the thing that she loves so much. 

August of 2016 Kiki hit the ground running. With every show, her performance grows in technic as well as grace. Thanks to the wonderful show producers like King Fish, Dottie Lux, Hunny Bunny, Red Velvet, Red Bone, Tease Blossom, Ricardo F. Gonzalez, and others. They looked past her disability to the performer she is and gave her a stage to perform her art.

2020 The Noire Pageant Princess of Burlesque

The Noire Pageant is the only burlesque pageant dedicated to uplifting the POC community through healing and opportunity.

The Noire Pageant, the first pageant to exclusively showcase POC burlesque performers, took place in New York City March 12-15, 2020. The seductive and scintillating weekend affair brought together world-renowned headliners from across the globe, along with a bevy of talented performers who competed to be crowned the next King or Queen of Burlesque.

The pageant’s organizer, Perle Noire, created the event to present, preserve and proliferate POC burlesque performers and their legacy of excellence and innovation. “Burlesque Pageants have been around for decades, but there aren’t many Performers of Color who have been crowned or celebrated. I believe it’s time for a change.” Noire, who is also a burlesque star, says her mission is to “create opportunities for the POC (Performers of Color) burlesque community. I want to create a platform to help them become headliners, educators, and savvy entrepreneurs.”

Kiki la Chanteuse was awarded the title of the 2020 Noire Pageant Princess of Burlesque.

2019 Hollywood Burlesque Festival - Most Flammable-Legends Award

2019 Kiki la Chanteuse competed in The Hollywood Burlesque Festival. She received the Legend Award in honor of Satans Angel. 

2018 Como Lake Burlesque Festival - Judges Choice

On September 2018 Kiki la Chanteuse competed in Princess of the Lake. She received the Judges Choice Award and opened the Saturday Night Queen of the Lake Competition. Its was her first International performance in Lake Como Italy. 

2018 BurlyPicks World Championship

In 2018 Kiki la Chanteuse competed in  BurlyPicks World Championship.  She took home Master of Singing and Best Costume. Team California brought home the most awards over any other state. 

2018 California BurlyPicks

In 2018 Kiki la Chanteuse competed in California BurlyPicks National Competition.  She took home Master of Singing and 2nd Runner Up. Winning her master's Title meant that she would compete in the BurlyPick World Championship.

2017 Humboldt Burlesque Festival 2nd Runner up

On November 3rd 2017 Kiki la Chanteuse competed in her first burlesque festival. This was only her second festival to be a part of, her first being the Arizona Burlesque Festival only 3 weeks earlier. 

We are happy to announce that she toke home the 2nd Runner Up sash. 

Bay Area Appearances

Hubba Hubba Revue

Monday Night Hubba

Uptown Cabaret: Hubba Hubba 

Reveal at Revival

No Cover Cabaret

Diva or Die Burlesque


Red Hots Burlesque

First Friday Follies


Nudie Nubies

Bunny Pistol's Bang Bang Caberat

Bad Influence Burlesque

Circus of Sin

Island Hospitality- Pagan Island

TrapezeSF: Swan Song

Red Hot Wiener Wednesday


Folsom Street Fair

Barbary Coast Burlesque

Starlight Room Cabaret

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Appearances outside the Bay Area

Club Matisse- Modesto CA

Mid Town Moxie- Sacramento CA

Bronze Beauties of Burlesque-  Los Angeles CA

WTF-Lesque-  Los Angeles CA

Don't Blink Burlesque- Tucson AZ

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Festivals Performed in

2017 Arizona Burlesque Festival

2017 Humboldt Burlesque Festival

2018 Bayou City Burlesque and Circus Festival

2018 Bagel Burlesque Expo

2018 Midwest Burlesque and Rockabilly Weekend​

2018 AlternaTease Burlesque Festival

2018 California BurlyPicksl

2018 New York Burlesque Festival 

2019 New Mexico Burlesque Festival

2019 Jezzy's Juke Joint

2019 Hollywood Burlesque Festival

2019 Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekender

2020 The Noir Pagent

International Festivals-

2018 Lake Como Burlesque Festival

2018 Australian Burlesque Festival

2018 Bohemian Burlesque Festival 

Upcoming festival appearances-

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